McMinn County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Joe Guy......"Keeping the Oath"

The McMinn County Sheriff's Office

"Keeping the Oath"


Thank you for visiting our website!  the Sheriff's Office is working diligently to go above and beyond to fulfill the duties that the citizens of this county have selected us to do. 

KEEP UP WITH US ON FACEBOOK as we work drug enforcement cases, burglaries, clean up meth labs, provide community programs and much more.  CHECK OUR INMATE ROSTER for updates on arrests, bonds, ect. 

We are currently undergoing a few changes in website development.  THE SHERIFF ENJOYS HEARING FROM CITIZENS! Please check back often to check out changes and give us feedback with an email or a phone call 423-745-5620.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Joe Guy, McMinn County Sheriff. Please sign his guestbook, read his blogs, and most importantly let Joe know what you think! Check back often for current project information. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and check this website often for updates.