McMinn County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Joe Guy......"Keeping the Oath"

Chaplains: "Blessed are the Peacemakers..."

The Chaplain Division is made up of  volunteer reserve officers that are providing amny services to the current inmate population and to the staff and community as needed. The chaplains are also providing help to the patrol division.  The jail ministry is also managed by the chaplain division.  Current Chaplains are Tim Davis, Sr, Dan Guy and Rob Simpson.

Current Services Provided by the Chaplain Division:

Funeral Escorts

On-scene Grief and Critial Incident Counseling

Jail Ministry Coordination

Staff Counseling

Inmate Counseling

Inmate Substance Abuse Classes

GED Classes

Contact and Information:

If you or your religious organization have any questions regarding the jail ministry or other chaplain programs, contact Chaplain Dan Guy at the Sheriff's Department at 745-5622.